Kitchen Foldable Food Storage Organizer Rack, 2-tier Hanging Vegetable Preparation Plate Multi-Function Side Dish Rack

Color:  1pcs green
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1. High-quality material: strong and durable, can be used in direct contact with food

2. Drawer-type design: easy to pick up vegetables, quick to cook, time-saving and labor-saving

3. Tilt is not easy to fall down: use at ease, internal buckle design, more firmly stuck

4. Wall hanging table top: put it at will and use it in many ways to make life more handy.

5. Upgrade and storage: Farewell to messy countertops, six layers are stacked to meet daily cooking needs

6. One thing with multiple uses: it can also be used as a hot pot pan. It can be used in multiple ways to make life more handy.