Waterproof rubber vinyl apronApron clothes durable extra long black with adjustable apron apron

Color:  black
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      ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Heavy duty apron is 40" length, this apron fits small and big builds and everything in between. LIQUID AND OIL PROTECTION: The light and comfortable material of waterproof rubber apron is oil and liquid resistant while cooking, dishwashing, butchering, pet grooming, bbq etc. It repels oil and all liquids.

       BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Waterproof rubber vinyl apron are made out of high quality elastic fabric, delicately silky and breathable material. KEEPS YOUR CLOTHES CLEAN AND DRY: It's also excellent for cleaning fish,cooking apron or power washing farm equipment. 

       Waterproof Apron soft enough for extended wearing. MULTIPLE APRON: Great protection for a kitchen dishwasher, washing your d
ogs or trimming the yard. It‘s comfortable to wear and has an adjustable length neck strap, so you can choose the perfect height for you. Once you are done, rinse or use a soapy cloth to get the grime off.