DIY water balloon transparent tape

Style:  Thick 2mm*width 3cm*length 5m
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Strong Non marking Double sided Tape: Reusable strong sticky tape is made of acrylic material, with strong adsorption and waterproof.
Tape for Craft: Nano tape pinch toy blowing bubble diy homemade hollow handmade Ball high sticky non marking double sided tape.
Ball Making Method: 1. Cut part of the tape (as long as possible); 2. Fold it in half and put in straws and DIY materials, and pinch the edges gently; 3. Tear off the backing paper on the surface, and pay attention not to paste the middle part together; 4. Blow out the bubbles with the straw.
Features: The double sided tape is fast and firmly bonded, waterproof and high temperature resistant, high toughness, easy to use after tearing