Exercise Swimming Train Equipment Belt

Color:  blue aldult
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The Perfect Learning Tool for Swimming Beginners!

If you’re thinking of adding water exercises to your workout but just starting out. this Swimming Train Equipment Belt is the ideal learning tool for you. It’s a specially designed floatation device to practice low impact aquatic workouts so you can master buoyancy and swimming actions safely. Whether you’re a beginner. elderly. large or small sized. or suffering from knee pains. this swimming belt is suitable for anyone.

Studies say that 150 minutes of water exercises can help decrease your risk of chronic illnesses and just like cycling and running. it can also improve cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Water is denser than air. so resistance is increased and moving more will work your core and entire body. This belt is also great for summer workouts. when our bodies are mostly passive. It’s easy on the feet. designed with EVA foam for comfort and has adjustable strap and buckle.


  • Ideal equipment for aquatic exercises – Specially designed swimming device for any kind of low impact water exercises and training.
  • Safety floatation device – Helps keep you afloat and upright with a buoyant design for balance and safety while doing water exercises.
  • Adjustable fit – Designed with an adjustable strap and buckle that acts like a belt to fit regardless of body shape. size. and condition.
  • High-quality and safe materials – Made with high-quality EVA foam for optimum comfort and will not cause any injury while doing water exercises.
  • Non-absorbent and durable – Does not absorb water and does not chip easily for prolonged use.
  • Lightweight design – Its small size makes it convenient to carry around anywhere and store.
  • Wide range of use – Suitable for both adults and children and can be used on the beach or swimming pool.



  • Material: EVA foam
  • Color: Blue and pink

Products Included

  • 1 x Swimming Train Equipment Belt