Hair Color Wax

Color:  A
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Color:As shown

Net content: 50ml

Features: Can change color according to temperature


Easy to use! All you need to do is apply the color to clean, dry hair without any conditioner or product. Immerse the sponge applicator in a color cream jar and apply it to your lock and have fun!

After applying the color, dry the hair or apply a hair straightener to the hair bundle, the hair will turn into another color. When you expose it to high temperatures, the temporary dye changes color, and when your hair cools, it changes back to the first color.

Color-changing hair dyes convert your hair strands (even if they are not bleached) into a virtual kaleidoscope of motorized colors that instantly change at 18 °C. Simply use a hair dryer or curling iron to run the iron on it - even the warmth and sunlight in your hands activate the awesome discoloration!

Easy to clean: just rinse with a shampoo
Package includes: 1pcs color change hair dye

How to use:

* Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before application.

* Apply the Wonder Dyes to the desired area of your hair.

* Dry the Wonder Dyes either by air-dry or blow-drying.

* Enjoy a whole day of gorgeous color-changing shades!

Using Tips:

The shades changes when over 18°C (64°F) with a wide range of vibrant shades! Final shades might vary depends on individuals. For thicker, longer hairs, it's recommended to use more product to achieve better results