Jesus 3D Paper Desk Lamp For Gift Home Decoration

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As a gift for family and friends, this limited stock Jesus 3D Paper Desk Lamp would be the perfect choice! May jesus be with you

Jesus 3D Paper Desk Lamp will illuminate your life in a way you may never have experienced before!

This Jesus 3D Paper Desk Lamp is the perfect Jesus decoration, Jesus was resurrected on Easter, his light will always illuminate your home, your family, and their lives!

Orange-yellow hue, warm and full of power! Exuding peace, romance and serenity, it's the perfect decor to accent any space! 

  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Lifespan: more than 80000 hours
  • Product name: Jesus 3D Paper Desk Lamp
  • Light body material: Pearl paper
  • Voltage: 5-18V (mobile phone charger is enough)
  • Size: Height: 22cm, Width: 18cm
  • Packaging: lamp body, lamp holder, cable and switch
High-Quality Standard, Certifications CE/ROHS/EMC/PSE

  • Uniquely shaped, combining Easter eggs and the resurrection of Jesus
  • Long life: more than 80000 hours
  • Both a table lamp and a painting The art of light and shadow, realistic pictures, strong light and shadow layers, quiet night, Jesus is with you
  • The light is uniform and stable, can be viewed directly, no flicker, better protect your eyes
  • Three lighting adjustments, the light brightness can be strong or low
  • handcrafted by veteran artists with 30 years of experience,The skill is about to be lost, very precious!!