Magnetizer & Demagnetizer Tool

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Convert any screwdriver into a magneticpick-up tool!
This pocket sized tool has powerful built-in C8 industrial permanent magnets which can INSTANTLY magnetize or demagnetize screwdrivers, tweezers & similar workshop tools simply by sliding along the (+) or (-) hole.
Magnetize your steel tools for holding, starting & removing screws or other fasteners easily.  When your work is finished, use the demagnetizer to remove the magnetic field. Also useful for demagnetizing tools before working on magnetically sensitive surfaces, e.g. for electronic work.
  • Simply swipe the shaft of the screwdriver over the (+) to magnetize, and swipe over the (-) to demagnetize
  • Easily pick up tiny components with magnetic power
  • For screwdrivers, small tools, screws, drills, drill bits, sockets, nuts, bolts, nails & construction tools
  • No battery or electricity required
  • Step design permits greater control of magnetizes
  • Minimize the risk of losing screws
  1. To magnetize, slide tool in and out of the (+) opening
  2. To demagnetize, slide tool in and out of the of the (-) opening along the lowest step
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 5cm x 4.8cm x 2.8cm
  • 1 x Magnetizer & Demagnetizer Tool