Nail clippers for collecting cut nails

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When cutting nails at home, do you have cut nails everywhere?

Sharp, high-quality, stainless steel scissors - will collect your nails when cutting , you will no longer need to collect cut nails. Cut your nails everywhere and always neatly and cleanly without leaving nails behind !

 Nail collection capacity

Our nail clippers that collect cut nails   will protect your environment and home from nails that are scattered everywhere . Compared to traditional nail clippers, these nail clippers have   a built-in nail storage container that collects the nails while cutting.

Stainless Steel !

High quality stainless steel blade,   sharp and polished blade   for   smooth cutting  . Sharp and durable ,    ten years of use, still sharp  !

 The cutting edge of our scissors

No need to turn - Our nail clippers are designed for cutting immediately , the handle of the scissors does not need to be turned , so the scissors do not slip out of the hand and work much more efficiently.

Convenient design  Our nail clippers   have a better grip and  effectively cut thick and hard fingernails and toenails.  The sharp blade of the scissors ensures a particularly perfect cut , the weight of the scissors adds strength when holding and comfort when cutting nails. 


  • Condition:  new
  • Color  : black
  • Material  :  stainless steel 
  • Use  :   Fingers, toes
  • Package:  1x Nail Clippers.