No punching password lock refrigerator window lock drawer lock

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Product Name: Baby Safety Lock

Material :Safe ABS+Stainless steel
Package Included :1 pc lock+1pc cleaning wipe +1 pc key
There is not key for password lock
Application: Can be used for drawer, refrigerator, cabinet, toilet, wardrobe,door,window and so on


1. Multi-angle flexible adjustment tactful response to different ways of opening and closing.
2.Their colors is integrated with furniture.
3.Non-marking glue does not damage the furniture.

How to Use:

1. Wipe clean the surface of the used place
2. Tear off the adhesive at the bottom
3. Paste on the right position.

How to Change Password

1. Adjust the lock to the initial code 000, press the switch to open the lock
2. Use a tool to hold the regulator in the password adjustment port (do not loosen it), and change the new password at the same time- Tools need to be prepared by yourself
3.After the new password is set, the password will be locked if you scramble the password again-be sure to remember the new password

Be sure to remember the new password,MUST BE!!
Tools need to be prepared by yourself

Suitable for Metope

Tile wall, glass wall, wooden wall, aluminum frame, metal wall, marble, plastic, PVC