Plant Hair Dye Powder

Color:  Black
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Product Features:

Natural color, specifically to cover sporadic gray hair
Instant effect, not long lasting
Does not fall out without shampooing, wash hair with shampoo
Color will wash out with shampooNo color loss with water rinsing, no need to worry about rain or sweat
Convenient and easy to use, odorless and non-irritating
Does not touch the scalp
Can be used by those who are worried about allergies

Tips for use

  1. [From the inside to the outside] When applying, start from the inside and apply it outward, apply In the part near the forehead, to get lighter and lighter, you can rub it with your finger, so There will be a halo effect, will be more than soft natural.
  2.  [Inside deep outside shallow] The color near the inside of the hair can be a little darker, the Near the edge of the forehead need to get lighter and lighter oh, side green light color will be natural.
  3.  [less dip more wipe] each time you dip the powder to a small amount of dip, apply a After the sense party color shallow can be reapplied once, remember not to dip a lot, color Shallow color can be applied a few more times to become darker, the color is deep then it is difficult to change to light color oh.
  4.  [From top to bottom] when applying can be applied in the direction of hair growth, from The top to bottom slowly apply on it.