Plant Moss Coir Pole Climbing Support Extension Palm Vines Stick Indoor Balcony Garden Courtyard

Style:  Extendable 30cm
Quantity:  2Pcs
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Type: Plant Potted Support Frame
Function: Fixed plant growth direction
Size: 30cm/40cm/50cm
Application: Potted Climbing plant support


1.Train your plants to grow upwards. Our plant support rods can support taller and fuller plants very well. Potted climbing plants and vines need extra support when growing indoors.
2. Improved expandable design: The plant pole can be used alone or stacked as a pile to provide reinforcement as the plant grows taller.
3. Coconut fiber material and strong support. This material is very suitable for climbing plants, allowing moss poles to blend with your plants, enhancing your personal indoor jungle.
4. The installation is simple and fast: the tip wooden stake allows you to easily insert the rod into the soil, saving time and effort.
5. Provide support for a variety of plants: Indoor plant support is an excellent support for a variety of indoor climbing plants. Our support frame can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors.