Scratch Night View world city night view scratch drawing scratch drawing book

Style:  Seoul
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About this item

  • ❤ RECORD MEMORY: If you have just been to the location of the pattern on the product, in addition to the photo, this product will give you different memories, which is the best way to release stress when you get off work.
  • ❤ SAFETY AND CLEAN: The paper is thick and not easy to tear, but the black layer is very thin, so don't scratch the print line unless you design and add extra. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO SHARP OBJECTS TO PREVENT INJURY.
  • ❤ INTEREST TRAINING: Developing a child or adult interest in painting is a good choice. The wonderful scenery is presented at the fingertips, showing their artistic skills in scratch's paintings.
  • ❤ SCRATCH PAINTING THERAPY: This scratching painting can adjust your time and make you have reasonable work and rest. It's exactly what you are looking for, time-wasting and stress-free, relaxing.
  • ❤ CREATIVE GIFTS: When you finish your works and match the photo frame, this will be a perfect work, you can use it to give friends or family because you do it yourself, so they will feel happy and Surprise.

Product Description

This is a very clean entertainment project, No watercolor paint, You don’t have to worry about watercolor paints stain your home like before. It’s good news for parents.

- Preserve memories of beautiful night views without struggling with the camera.
- Relive your favorite travel memories drawing the entire city landscape.
- Suitable for children to develop their interests and painting skills.
- Great present for a birthday, children's day, mother and father's day, valentine's day, wedding anniversary, an anniversary celebration, etc. It seems no limit, suitable for any type of festival.

Size: 16.1X11.3inch/41X28.7 cm
Material: Paper
Suitable age:Children and adults (small children need to be monitored for safety)

NOTICE: Please pay attention to sharp objects to prevent injury or children swallowing

How to play:
Use a wooden stylus or a gold scraper to trace the lines, the lines become colorful and clean with a cleaning brush, the children will be amazed by the beautiful color pictures they created

Package included:

1 x Scratch Drawing Board
1 x Scratch Pen
1 x Clean Brush
1 x DIY Blank Board

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