Silicone lip brush concealer brush makeup brush lip brush lipstick brush easy to smudge for newbies

Style:  1SET
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Product Category: Concealer Brush, Lip Brush
Product efficacy: concealer without traces fast makeup soft and skin-friendly fast smudge


1.Food-grade silicone material, skin-friendly soft non-stick face, take the powder evenly, tight inside and loose outside, staining more layers

2. lightly circled on the face, is the natural look of the skin! Brush out no border feeling

3. This concealer / lip brush really works well. It is very good for applying concealer under the eyes.

4. Round head silicone lip brush
A brush for multiple uses, can be concealer brush, lip brush, reusable

5. Simple application, fast and even
Easy to use, no product picking, lip slime/lip glaze/lipstick/concealer can be applied evenly

6. Smooth as silk, soft as being, soft touch like fingers
Slanting rounded head brush shape to fit facial contours, easy to apply and smudge

7. Send dust box, use it up, clean and hygienic, easy to carry