Simulated 3D Eyeliner Sticker Multi-coloured make-up eye stickers decorative make-up eyeliner stickers new

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One of the hottest pieces of beauty content on Tik Tok at the moment is the step-by-step creation of silicone or 3D eyeliners, which are particularly popular among teenagers.

However, using glue near the eyes can cause serious irritation. Glue is glue and its formula is not suitable for contact with delicate skin areas such as the eyes. The ingredients in hot glue can irritate the eyes or cause allergic contact dermatitis, especially when mixed with other products such as glitter and chrome powder to mimic the effects of digital art.

That's why this Imitate-3D Eyeliner Sticker is the perfect choice for you. The three-dimensional effect gives you a very decorative and fun look, perfect for a night out or going to a music festival, for example.


Product Name:Eyeliner Eye Shadow Sticker
Product Process:Offset Printing
Bare sheet: 70*136mm/1.5g
Paper card: 110*140mm/6g
Non-toxic glue
These stickers are self-adhesive. Do not use on sensitive skin, near the eyes or if you are allergic to adhesives.
Take your imagination to the limit and shine with it!