Creative dessert spoon

Color:  A-4PCS
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1. New wall-mounted design concept, research and development of a new generation of fruit fork / coffee spoon to solve the problem of avoiding contact with the desktop

2. The touch is thick and comfortable, enjoy delicious, delicate and compact, thick and durable

3. Ingenious craftsmanship, no fading, round and smooth, no hurting mouth

4. Using mirror polishing process, the surface is smooth and bright, bright as a mirror, easy to clean

5. Unique shape, beautiful and practical products


Name: hanging wall coffee spoon

Material: 304 stainless steel

Process: mirror polishing

Scope of application: can be used in disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, no ovens and microwave ovens


1. Do not put in the oven and microwave

2. For the first time, please use a soft cloth and warm water to clean.

3. Do not use a rough tool such as a metal ball to wipe or clean the tableware to avoid scratches on the surface.