Strong Lock on Grease Couplers with Spring Flex Hose

Style:  Single Handle
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End waste and mess by upgrading your grease gun with our grease gun coupler. A single person can also complete the greasing, making your greasing job easy and fun. 

  • Enhanced Leak Proof Jaws】: The grease gun coupler has a powerful 6-jaw coupler. The reinforced claws and high-quality sealing gasket of the grease gun coupler ensure a long and stable performance, which will prevent leakage even at 12000 PSI extreme pressure allowing you to work efficiently.

  • Strong Compatibility】: With 1/8 "NPT standard thread connection, it is easy to release when pressurized. It is applicable to all 1/8" NPT standard oil guns, pneumatic oil guns, manual oil guns, electric oil guns, as well as all DIN and SAE nozzles and all SAE and metric Zerk connectors,simply replacing your existing grease gun couplers.

  • Quick Lock And Release】: Press the trigger and connect it to the required oil gun accessories. The lever action mechanism locks the coupling on the oil gun to form a leak proof seal on the joint. Press the trigger again to release without twisting or jerking.

  • One Hand Operation】Our grease gun coupler is upgraded to a double handle, which can be operated with one hand & save 50% effort, ergonomic. The corners with small operating space can also be reached and locked with one hand.

  • Superior Material】: The oil gun coupler is made of upgraded stainless steel. It is made of high-quality steel, which is wear-resistant and durable, has high quality, and has good spring elasticity, ensuring smooth sliding and stable performance during use.Aerospace-grade silicone pads can better prevent leakage.

  • Widely Used】: Heavy oil gun tools are used for vehicle maintenance, large machinery and axle transmission systems, and are also very suitable for lubricating agricultural tractors, plows, pile pullers, seeders, etc. It is an ideal choice for mechanical lubrication in any workplace such as construction sites, mines, farms, etc!


Type: Single Handle, Single Handle Set (Single Handle + 30cm hose), Double Handle, Double Handle Set (Double Handle + 30cm hose)
Material: Stainless Steel
Pressure: 10,000 PSI

Quick Lock And Release

Press the trigger and connect it to the required oil gun accessories. The lever action mechanism locks the coupling on the oil gun to form a leak proof seal on the joint. Press the trigger again to release without twisting or jerking.

Steps To Use:

1. Lock the grease nipple.

2. snap it onto the grease nipple and release it.

3. Docking allows for easy greasing.

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