Sun Shade Net Clips Round Cloth Fixing Clip Shade For Greenhouse Outdoor Garden Anti Bird

Style:  10PCS
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PE Garden Shade Cloth Fixing Clips are the perfect clips for your garden net, bird protection nets, agricultural nets. They are lightweight and easy to recycle.
1. Anti-aging material, long service life.
2. Easy to use, Non-shedding.
3. Practical design, suitable for several fabrics.

Material: high quality PE material
Size: 10.5*3.8cm/4.13*1.49in
Color: black
Weight: 3g/1pc

SunShade Net Clips*10

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1.Good Quality Material: Made by virgin PE material, the Sun Shade Net Clips can be used for moare than 8 years. They are anti-aging and acid-resistant.

2.Easy to Fix: The Shade Cloth Fixing Clips are very easy to recycle after they finish their service life. They are light-weight and easy to carry with you.

3.Pragmatic Design: With popular and practical styles, the 10 pcs Sun Shade Net Clips can be widely used for quickly attaching shade cloth to different fixtures.

4.Easily Applied: It is very easy to install the PE Shade Cloth Clips. You just press to close the PE clip and push the cord through the end of the PE clip, then fix it.

5.Variety of applications: 10pcs Shade Cloth PE Clips are designed for many kinds of fabric materials. They are great clips that can be used for any fabric with mesh.