Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

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Type:  Single Flower
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Recycle your bottles: COOL!Turn unwanted bottles into bird feeders.

This wine bottle bird feeder allows you to turn your interesting bottles into a cool hummingbird feeder. The installation is very simple and there are three types of feeders to choose from.

One way feeding valve to keep nectar fresh and cool: this feeder adopts a unique one-way feeding valve design, which is hidden inside the flower. It opens when the hummingbird inserts its beak and closes again when it leaves. The feed valve isolates the nectar from the air to keep the nectar fresh for a longer time.

Protect nectar from theft: the complex one-way feeding valve design prevents ants, bees, wasps, bears and other uninvited guests from invading the nectar of hummingbirds!

Colorful breeders decorate your garden: colorful bird breeders illuminate your garden with unique colors and exquisite flower shapes to impress your neighbors.

Gift idea: as a great gift idea, this wine bottle bird eater is a great gift for garden lovers.


Product specification:

  • Single flower: 7 * 7 * 9 cm
  • Double flower: 15 * 14 * 9 cm
  • Three flowers: 15 * 12 * 16 cm
  • With hook!!!
  • Package content: 1 * bird feeder 

Installation method:

  • Choose an interesting bottle you want to recycle. Make sure the feeder stop is installed into the nozzle. (avoid the bottle being too tight as it may damage the stopper).
  • Check the bottom of the bottle to ensure that there is no deep flat bottom. Flat shoes work best. (bottles with a shallow flat bottom boat are also OK.)
  • Clean and dry the surface, then peel the film from the suction cup to expose the adhesive surface.
  • Center the suction cup and push it to the bottom of the bottle to ensure that bubbles are extruded.
  • Fill the bottle with nectar and hang it in the shade. Avoid using heavy and deep bottles.