Universal Bevel Ruler Set

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Accurately perfect projects can be difficult to achieve without the necessary and exact tools to start with. Now, you can do home improvement projects the easier and more accurate way with the latest innovation and talk of the town, the Universal Bevel Ruler Set!

Gone are the days when you find it hard to measure your parts correctly. This simple tool provides you a ton of help with its multi-functional usage. It is uniquely made to combine a ruler and 3 interchangeable heads (square head, protractor head, and center head). These heads are the perfect tools to accurately measure angles and depths on any project.

  • Great tool for layouts, checking heights, depths, angle set-ups, etc.
  • With measuring range of 0-180 degrees and accuracy of 5 '/ 0.08 degrees
  • Heads are equipped with an adjustable knob which allows them to move freely horizontally along the grooves of the rule so that they may be tailored towards any size job
  • Made of fully hardened blades and etched with micro-fine blade graduations
  • Finished with a beveled extension blade, roller control, and fine adjustment
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, anti-rust, durable and resistant to use
  • Perfect for woodworking, stonemasonry, and metalworking needs

This is a must-have item in every toolbox of carpenters, machinist, engineers, DIYers, handymen, and woodwork enthusiasts. Now, you can upgrade your workmanship and do your projects accurately with the Universal Bevel Ruler Set, the tool that provides all your measuring needs.

Uses of the 3 Heads:

Square Head:

  • measures whether angles are at right angles (90°) or 45° angles
  • perfect for creating miter joints
  • can be used to mark objects for cutting or for measuring depths of grooves/channels

Protractor Head:

  • can be used for measuring specific angles
  • allows you to  determine the angle with its mark in both directions

Center Head:

  • great for measuring and determining the center of round objects such as rods, dowels, etc.
  • perfect for measuring 45° angles
Material:Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Ruler Length:30.5 cm / 12 inch
Protractor Head Size:12.5 x 9 cm / 4.92 x 3.54 inch
Square Head Size:9 x 9.5 cm / 3.54 x 3.74 inch
Center Head Size:17.5 x 8.5 cm / 6.89 x 3.35 inch
Measuring Range:0-180 degrees
Accuracy:5 '/ 0.08 degree
Package Inclusion/s:1 pc. Universal Bevel Ruler Set