Windproof Clothes Hanger Fixed Hook Non Slip Ring Buckle Clothing Rack Multifunctional Clothes Dryer Hanger For Yards Closets

Color:  Blue
Pieces:  3pcs
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Bullet Points:

1. Durable and Sturdy: Made of superior material, these windproof clothes hangers have strong carrying capacity and are not easy to deform. They can last for a long time and keep your clothes in good shape.
2. Convenient to Use: Utilizing our windproof clothes hangers will seamlessly help you organize your clothing into different categories while maximizing your closet's space-saving capacity. With 4 easy-to-use holes, these hangers can accommodate your clothes of all sizes, while also keeping them dry and tidy, no matter the weather conditions.
3. Windproof Design: Protect your clothes from being blown away by strong winds. These clothes hangers have a practical windproof design that prevents your clothes from falling off the hanger. You can use them indoors and outdoors without worrying about your clothes being blown away by the wind. They are suitable for placing shirts, pants, skirts, coats, and more.
4. Lovely Appearance: Bring some fun to your laundry routine with our windproof clothes hangers, featuring three vibrant shades to choose from. These adorable hangers also make for a great housewarming gift. Their porous design allows for quick air circulation, leading to faster drying times. Measuring approximately 19.5*12cm/7.68*4.72in in size.

5. Fitting Places: Simplify your clothing storage with our windproof clothes hangers. The innovative design features a secure hook that prevents clothes from falling off in wind conditions. These multifunctional hangers work perfectly in closets, wardrobes, balconies, patios, and yards, enabling you to easily locate your preferred garments. Ideal for holding different types of clothing like shirts, pants, coats, and dresses. 



1. Introducing our practical windproof clothes clips! Keep your clothes dry and tidy with these not easy to deform clips.

2.  Perfect for balconies and outdoor drying.

3.  Size is about 19.5*12cm/7.68*4.72in. Say goodbye to clothes flying away with these reliable clips!


1. Name: Windproof Clothes Hangers

2. Size: 19.5*12cm/7.68*4.72in (approx.)


Packing List: 

1  x  Windproof Clothes Hanger


1. Due to the lighting effects and camera angles, there may be a color difference in the product, please understand. 
2. Due to manual measurement, there may be an error in the product size.
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